Managing Change

The accessibility, volume, and variety of information that is available today far exceeds that of any other time in history. This fact, coupled with the ever-increasing influence of the global marketplace, has brought about many changes to today’s businesses. It has changed how we work, increased the number of places we’re able to work, and expanded the number of people we’re able to work with. This evolution has changed the dynamic between businesses and their customers, increased the amount of work we are able to do, and created new opportunities and new challenges.

Change is ever-present, unpredictable, and occurring at an ever-increasing pace. In the face of this change, the 2013 World Conference on Quality and Improvement offers both respite and guidance in the navigation of today’s changing world. The conference offers a forum of ideas and an international network of thought leaders, experts, and peers eager to share the proven results achieved through quality.

Focus Areas

Today’s Technology Landscape
The Internet, mobile web, and social media have changed how we communicate, access information, and share the information we have. As this landscape evolves, it affects how individuals work and how organizations do business. This new landscape brings about new challenges and provides us with new opportunities to leverage the application of quality tools, principles, and techniques. The sessions of this focus area will highlight new and innovative ways that technology can be leveraged in the application of quality concepts. Topics in this track may include (but are not limited to) issues such as:

  • Innovation
  • Social media
  • Mobile interaction
  • Industrial security
  • Virtual work teams

Customer Awareness
Increased access to information has made today’s savvy consumers more aware of the choices they have, more in touch with what they want or don’t want, and less patient with those products that don’t fit the specifications they are looking for. Consumer satisfaction and customer loyalty are not the same thing, and many businesses find themselves having to go beyond mere satisfaction in order to build customer loyalty. Competitiveness in today’s business world requires a deeper attention to and knowledge of the consumer. The sessions of this focus area examine proven quality tools, approaches, and techniques that can be leveraged to understand and satisfy your customer. Topics in this track may include (but are not limited to) issues such as:

  • Customer satisfaction vs. customer loyalty
  • Customer experience
  • Anticipating future customer needs
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Having the agility and flexibility to meet consumer needs

Sustaining Results
The never-ending pursuit of excellence requires that we go from merely producing results to maintaining them as well. Reaching and sustaining success requires leadership, professional development, and due care and diligence in the management of risk. Those who succeed do so by fostering a culture of quality and a work environment in which innovation is embraced and allowed to flourish. The sessions of this focus area will explore proven models, tools, and practical applications that can produce and sustain results. Topics in this track may include (but are not limited to) issues such as:

  • Creating a culture of quality
  • Fostering innovation
  • Leadership
  • Professional development

The business world is becoming more and more connected. International markets continue to influence each other, supply chains have become increasingly international in scope, and more and more businesses are required to consider and align to the standards of multiple countries. The sessions of this focus area explore how quality tools and approaches can be leveraged to bring structure and stability to organizations and management systems that touch and are touched by multiple countries and varying cultures. Topics in this track may include (but are not limited to) issues such as:

  • The global supply chain
  • Quality system harmonization
  • International standards and regulations
  • Logistics on a global scale

Quality Fundamentals
Understanding the basic rules, tools, and fundamentals of quality are key to effectiveness. The sessions of this focus area explore and demonstrate proven and practical applications of quality’s primary elements. These sessions also celebrate the scope of quality by demonstrating how the application of quality principles can go beyond the traditional uses of the past. Topics in this track may include (but are not limited to) issues such as:

  • The power and impact of the basic tools of quality
  • New applications for basic quality tools and techniques
  • The fundamentals of quality
  • Innovative applications of basic quality tools


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Managing Change
2013 World Conference on Quality and Improvement May 6 – 8, 2013  |  Indianapolis, IN